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In Bangladesh, institutions of three streams – General, Madrasah and Vocational – delivering education in parallel, are engaged in the process of human resource development. Quite unfortunately, Madrasahs, occupying about one-fifth share in education delivery, are not ready to take part actively in the process of human resource development necessary both for its survival and national interest. Only a minor group of graduates is absorbed in some sorts of socio-religious services while majority are excluded from the mainstream socio-economic activities. That is why; IDB-BISEW has taken an initiative to turn Madrasah students into a productive workforce. It has established 6 Madrasahs in different areas of Bangladesh under its pilot scheme and introduced Dakhil Vocational courses for the first time in Bangladesh.

Rationale for Undertaking Madrasah Project

1. Establishing Madrasahs in some selected areas with adequate infrastructure and modern facilities

2. Equipping Madrasah students with appropriate technical and vocational skills required in the job market

3. Ensuring both higher education and employment opportunities for Madrasah students of Bangladesh

4. Enhancing the social standing of graduates of the vocational programme

Areas for Financial Assistance

1. Initial Setup

  • Construction of academic building and vocational workshops;
  • Build-up of facilities with equipment, furniture and other supplies

2. Administration and Management

  • Recruiting qualified & experienced management, teaching and support staffs for vocational and other training;
  • Arranging continuous professional development for management, teachers and support staffs; and
  • Providing guidance & counseling and placement services.

3. Operational

  • Providing teaching-learning aids and resources for vocational trade; and
  • Providing raw materials and auxiliary materials for vocational trade.


List of Madrasahs:


Name of the Madrasah

Vocational Trade


Barahatia Malpukuria Miskatul Ulum Madrasah

Lohagara, Chittagong

Dress Making & Tailoring , Welding Works


Dakkhingaon Kaliab Dakhil Madrasah

Kapasia, Gazipur

General Electrical Works


Hapunia Dakhil  Madrasah

Sherpur, Bogra

General Electrical Works


Paksharif Dakhil Madrasah

Kaliganj, Jhenaidah

General Electrical Works


Rasulpur Mahila Dakhil Madrasah

Araihazar, Narayanganj

Dress Making & Tailoring


Nayanagar Nesaria Islamia Dakhil Madrasah

Uttara, Dhaka

General Electrical Works

Specialty of IDB-BISEW sponsored Madrasahs

  • Modern and adequate infrastructure
  • Special emphasis on quality vocational training
  • Academically and professionally competent Instructors
  • Availability of necessary tools and equipment for technical training
  • Board-standard curriculum
  • ICT facilities for the students
  • Strong and sole supervision and monitoring by IDB-BISEW

Achievements of Madrasah Project

  • Pioneer in Bangladesh for introducing Dakhil Vocational Courses
  • Running  3 different trades in Madrasahs
  • 451 students (upto 2014) successfully completed Dakhil (vocational) course
  • Passing rate in Dakhil vocational exam:  96%


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